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5 Granny Flat designs that Granny will love (check-out the kitchen on #3)

Here are five spectacular design ideas:

Our Best frequently used Granny Flat styled designs are:

1/ Landscape Designed:

Most people are often concerned about owning granny flats, especially when they already have a landscaped yard.

This is because they believe that the addition of a small building might affect the aesthetics of their landscape.

Fortunately, the reality is far from that.

Having a granny flat amidst the landscape is an amazing idea in itself. With this, you not only get a good space at a beautiful spot but at the same time you will be closer to the greenery or that backyard pool around you.

Remember: When having a granny flat around the landscape, do consult us to find out more about the various building regulations that should be taken into consideration.

2/ Minimal Classic:

There are times when homeowners wish to do minimal with the modern and small granny flat.

This is where the Classic designs can come to the rescue. These designs are based on the concept of utility and consume less space as compared

to the average granny flat. The emphasis here is given to the utilitarian value and thus opting for this design is ideal if you are planning to rent it.

3/ Country Cottage:

A Mix of modernity in classic granny flats with the mix of a contemporary country cottage designs will please the elderly.

This style is more about living in a free space, around trees and flowers that bloom to their fullest and uplift the essence of the space. The main element of this design is the verandah space outdoors that is an Australian icon and can complement the existing home in most cases.

4/ 2 Storey Granny Flats:

When you want to add an interesting element to the modern and small granny flat, then you can opt for a 2 Storey design.

In this design, you can create a carport or garage space below while the stairs can be used to provide a sense of separation.

The upper floor granny flat could be designed to accomodate a small family and appreciate a view.

5/ Longitudinal Architectural:

When it comes to fitting a modern and small granny flat to your backyard dont forget the longitudinal architectural design that can work and create a more modern and functional interior.

These designs can amalgamate exceptionally with a good roof design and captivate the rear width of your site.

A covered deck can also add and extend that outdoor living.

So when you decide to build a granny flat at your property never forget to consider these five unique and amazing designs.

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