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What is a Building designer compared to a draftsman or an Architect?

Modern House
Modern House

Many People have asked ‘What is a Building Designer’ compared to a draftsman or an Architect?


I say – here’s our response.


Building designers are the people who design most of the residential and other work in Australia, but no one has ever heard of them.


Retail designers are those who design shops and cafes, patisseries, restaurants, florists, butchers, bakers & franchise stores.


The Building Designers of Australia estimates that 75-80% of residential work is currently designed by Building Designers in Australia.


Most people have heard of drafting services, and this is the heritage that building designers come from.


They are qualified designers who have gained a reputation and experience for providing buildable plans & designs.


They design buildings or Retail outlets and do all the drawings and detail so you can get them through council and so a builder or Shopfitter can accurately quote on your building project.


It’s about design

It’s about shaping your ideas and taking it to a final concept that captures your needs & ideas.

Something that represents what you want, that is suitable on your site and is buildable

We are flexible with your ideas to incorporate different design elements and finishes

We give you what you want,

… we saving you time and money creating a solution for you that a Builder or Shopfitter can build.


It’s about the building or the interior most of the time,


Detailed design brief so that a builder can cost this accurately

Detailed building drawings including basic 3D so you can ‘see’ the building

Detailed specifications that talks to the quality of the materials and workmanship so that the final product looks and feels like what you imagine.

Knowledge of council or LEP and BCA Standards so your designs have a great chance of getting approved.


Builders & Shopfitters tell us they love working with Designers because they can quote more easily and more accurately and they know that the finished product will represent


the drawings and finaly represent what the client wants.


So in summary, we would say that we are more design focused than a drafty and focus more on the buildability than an architect


(3D & 2D drawings + detailed specifications on finishes and workmanship), making the building job easier and more affordable to build to your budget.


We always try hard to listen to your requirements and deliver a solution that you have always wanted.


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