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Stage 01

Free Initial Meeting
Free Initial consultations are a service that very few construction professionals offer and this first meeting is essential in helping owners & developers with new buildings, renovations, retail shop outlets.


Stage 02

Sketch design
Client /GAP Designers briefing and liason.

We Study Local and Building Regulations & apply to project design as required.

Engage Applicable Consultants, Surveyors etc. Measuring, Designing & Sketching & Area Calculations.

(FSR & Site coverage)

PRE - DA plans provided for advice with council

if required.



Stage 03
Commence D.A. or CDC
Finalising Sketch Design.
Sketch design drawings for Council DA or CDC Approval.

Development Application or Complying Certificate
Plans, Elevations, Sections are normally provided for a CDC yet Local Councils DA checklist insist upon more details & documents so we can provide Shadow Diagrams including Statement of Environmental Effects
with Soil & Waste Management Plan & Site Area Calculations.
Printing & Colouring documents including PDFs sent electronically or on USB stick.
Colour Board & Materials Samples List if required.
Engage Applicable Consultants, BASIX, Drainage upgrades etc. 
Submission of proposal to Council by owner as applicant.
Await Councils advertising, comments & conditions to be approved. (normally 6-8 weeks)
Stage 04
​Construction Application
Satisfying applicable Conditions of the Council Approval & adjusting plans to suit.
Engage Applicable Consultants, Engineer etc.
Council Approved Drawings to Construction Drawings.
Documentation for construction to client’s specification including Private Certifier.
Documentation for Pricing project.
Window & Door Schedule on plans.
Detail Specifications written.

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