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5 Benefits of 3D Architectural Concepts for a Client or Developer

1.Visualization - Visual imagery serves as a powerful tool to communicate through both abstract sketches and concrete ideas. GAP designers - provide 3d rendering to enhance visualization of a project to a level of realism to show you what you will achieve when built. This can reduce the feedback loop between the client and the designer before the plans are completed.

2. Save Time - When time is limited during a meeting with a lender, you can present your project to a builder or bank manager to illustrate your design intent or secure a loan.

GAP Designers can quickly and easily through 3D computer software display perspectives or a walk-through 3D model so you dont waste time waiting for the Building to be built. We talk to you in 3D graphics.

3. Identify Issues Early - GAP Designers work with you to design a solution for your project including your wish list requirements. When working through and designing the space you need, you will be able to see any issues that you may encounter when its time to build.

Materials, size of the rooms, traffic areas, size of Windows & Doors, Light Sources, Supporting posts & beams, Retaining Walls & Roof Design etc.

4. Enhanced Communication - We present 2D plans initially to determine the accuracy of the work in relation to the site.

3D Elevations, perspectives or open floor plans showing walls without the roof are used to clearly make you understand the setback requirements and to comply with rules and regulations as necessary.

Presenting a 3D concept to a client often reduces the struggle to visualize complex issues or 2D plans.

5. Better Understanding - GAP designers can convey our ideas through 3D Architectural rendering techniques easily rather than sketches or handmade drawings. We can experiment with different designs, materials and colours creating a realistic environment while we work together with you and the Builder if needed to achieve a better economical and efficiently successful solution.

This allows better communication between you the customer and our designer.

We love to communicate better in 3D graphics.

We can provide captivating 3D models and perspective renderings and save you time and money and make you understand the concept better.

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