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Builders - drafting plans or should I use an experienced Building Designer ?

Saratoga House Prelim Design

Saratoga House Prelim Design

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Most builders offer design drafted plans usually by a drafty,

Do you think this Is the best option? or should you engage an experienced Building designer for designs and plans?


While it might seem more convenient or you may think its cheaper to use one Building Company to complete your design plans and build your development, the truth is, it could cost you more in the long run.


Generally it’s best to engage an experienced building designer to draw your project plans, rather than going to a builder direct.


Gap Designers can provide you more options and ideas and better solutions.

We provide a custom design with use of 3D software to completely

visualise your new project before it is built.


By utilising a Building designer, you will own the copyright to the plans, allowing you to tender the project to several Builders to secure the most competitive quote (i.e. best price and contract conditions).


You can always change the plans to suit your budget again if you cant afford it through us.

On the other hand, if you engage a Builder to complete the plans, typically they will own the designs – therefore you can’t compare quotes from other builders.


If you decide not to build with that company, then you’ll be forced to pay thousands of dollars to buy the plans, or worse still, the builder may not sell them to you, meaning you’ll have to start from scratch again.


The Builder wont release the plans his draftsman completed since he wants the Build.

There may be limitations to what’s possible, either technically or financially, so it’s important to engage a Building designer with experience with similar projects so they can produce designs that are practical and flexible with your requirements & listen to what you want and design it within your budget.


This is what we do!


We have over 35 years experience in designing Duplex Homes, New Homes, Multi-Storey Townhouses or Motels, Granny Flats & Studios, 2 Storey Additions & Attic Conversions, Extensions etc).


We can always send our preliminary plans to many Builders we know and refer to clients every day for a quote & deliver a solution for your budget.


Dont be tricked by a Builder who thinks that you dont need plans or our advise either.


Call us today for a free quote.


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