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Why Do Concept Design Plans Matter to Clients?

Ever stare at a blank canvas of a project (metaphorical or literal) and wonder, "Am I on the right track?"


Yeah, us, too. It happens to the best of us, especially in Australia, where a recent Design Business Council Australia (DBC Victoria) research found that 64% of clients reported improved project efficiency with a robust design process. That means less time lost in design purgatory and more time celebrating a project that hits the bullseye.


"If you are planning to build or renovate your dream home or commercial space, concept design plans are the preliminary sketches and models that show your project's overall vision and layout. They are not the final drawings but an essential step in the design process," quoted Shane Perry, who offers insights as a design specialist and second mortgage loan provider through MaxFunding.


So, you're wondering, "Isn't a concept design plan just a fancy way of saying 'doodling'?" Not quite, mate. It's the key to unlocking a clear vision, avoiding costly revisions, and ensuring you have a design that precisely meets the target.


Forget flying blind! Here's why concept design plans are the co-pilot your project needs.

Concept Design Plans Help You Visualise Your Project

Concept design plans, encompassing both 2D and 3D perspectives, floor plans, elevations, and detailed 3D models, offer a comprehensive and realistic visualisation of your project.


These plans enable you to envision the project from various angles, assess its compatibility with the site, and ensure it aligns with your needs and preferences.


Furthermore, they are crucial in highlighting potential challenges or issues, such as site constraints, structural complications, or design inaccuracies, that might emerge during construction.


By providing a foresight into your project, concept design plans allow you to preemptively address problems, thereby saving time and reducing expenses associated with modifications.

Concept Design Plans and Perspectives Allow You To Provide Feedback And Input

Concept design plans are not set in stone, but they are open to discussion and revision. They allow you to communicate with your building designer and express your ideas, opinions, and concerns.


You can also ask questions, request changes, or suggest improvements. Your feedback and input are valuable and essential, as they help your building designer to understand your vision and expectations and to create a design that suits your taste and budget.


However, you should also respect the expertise and experience of your building designer and trust their professional judgment and advice. At GAP Designers Pty Ltd, we value our client's input, but we also charge extra for repeat changes to the original design after a couple of initial options are created. This is stated in our Terms of Agreement, and we expect our clients to understand and respect this policy.


Concept Design Plans and Perspectives Enhance Your Satisfaction And Confidence


Concept design plans not only serve the building designer but significantly benefit you and the client. These plans are crucial in increasing your satisfaction and confidence in your project. They offer tangible proof that your building designer has attentively heard your desires and needs, translating them into a practical yet appealing design.


Furthermore, concept design plans ignite your excitement and enthusiasm for the project by providing a sneak peek of the anticipated outcome.


Moreover, they foster a deeper trust and rapport with your building designer, showcasing their creativity, skill, and professional acumen.


Don't Build On Shaky Ground. Get A Solid Foundation With A Gap Designers Concept Design Plan


Concept design plans are an integral part of the building design process, and they matter to clients for many reasons. They help you visualise, provide feedback, and enhance your satisfaction and confidence.


At GAP Designers Pty Ltd, we are passionate about creating concept design plans that reflect your vision and goals and meet the highest quality and functionality standards. 


Contact us today to learn more about our concept design plans and other services. We would love to hear from you and work with you on your next project.



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