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This one tip could save you thousands $ on your deck extension

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Exposure to water, whether it be from rain or a swimming pool, can wreak havoc on timber, which is prone to dampness, rotting and mildew. Even potted plants will need to be checked regularly to ensure mould and fungus are scrubbed from the wood underneath.

As your deck will most likely be exposed to the elements, you’ll need a plan to protect timber against rot. If you’re concerned about the time and costs involved, do some research into alternative decking options to see if a harder wearing option will better suit your lifestyle. Look into fibre cement decking which is resistant to moisture and rot, making it an ideal option for pool areas

Try Hardie deck.

HardieDeck has also Bushfire local BAL ratings.

HardieDeck isn’t only resistant to rot and termites – it’s also fire resistant, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor entertaining area with a barbecue or even a fire pit. HardieDeck is deemed non-combustible, which means it will stand up to the risk of fires far better than timber and traditional composite decks.

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