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CDC approval VS DA approvals

Builder's and Building designers have rules and regulations set out by the government to follow in terms of types of construction and methods of approvals.

Private Certifiers have been a major part of quicker assessment today and seem to be more efficient than Local Councils.

Builder's prefer a quick turnaround time for approvals so they can move forward to meet the needs of many clients who require their services.

Complying development applications seem to be the best way to keep the economy and the Construction industry moving along.

GAP Designers Pty Ltd have been working closely with Private Certifiers and Builders to deliver effective solutions for clients and meet their needs to comply with LEP Rules and regulations.

Many clients understand the importance of setbacks and height restrictions and floor space ratios yet other issues seem to arise that may affect the application process from a CDC which can change it to be unacceptable for compliance under the rules and so Development application is required instead.

It may be that a Tree is too close by or that the size of your deck is too large or high or it may be that you require a change to the facade by adding a Garage or a Carport, this is why there are many different types of reasons you will need a DA approval instead.

Generally you need to initially obtain a 10.7 Certificate (149 certificate) from Council and design plans to suit the individual needs of the site.

GAP Designers Pty Ltd can guide you through the entire process of designing your new home or Granny flat, or Second floor additions with the quickest possible alternative approval methods which can suit your budget. It may mean that the design will need to be modified to suit the compliance requirements but this is how we can improve the cost effectiveness of construction as well.

Call us today for a free quote to discuss your next project.

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