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Building & Retail Designers we create your dream come true!

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

All smaller building or retail projects require the services of a building or retail designer.

You can hire a building or retail designer to design the structure of your new home, expansion, unit improvement or business property or shop, café, restaurant & retail outlet.

Building & retail designers configure plans and documentation for the entire project.

They can design a new building or Retail Outlet to suit your needs and ensure that you are happy with the total design and the learning experience that you have along the way.

You should choose a design team that prepares project plans and documentation for new buildings and renovations with 35 years experience such as ours.

Search no more yet engage Gap Designers that work intimately with customers and tunes in to their particular needs to guarantee they are happy with the completed project.

Gap Designers approach a wide scope of experts, engineers, building certifiers, land surveyors, geotechnical engineers, town planners, structural engineers & builders to aid in creating the design.

GAP Designers are a company that plan with extensive quality assurance and administration experience and manage the operations at a design office.

We are always consistent & have an open communication with clients to ensure that information and documentation is of the highest quality.

Services Included

Gap designers will not charge you for your first consultation regarding your project, this is to find out whether the company will be able to manage the project.

Once the project is agreed, a point by point Design Service and Fee Proposal which plainly explains the extent of our tasks will be sent to you, yet any extra services eg. Survey, soil tests, engineers, Basix and so forth and an exact articulation of their expenses will be created to be approved by you if required or else we will refer these consultants to you directly to pay for them yourself.

We normally liase with all the relevant Consultants to smooth out the inconsistencies and keep the project connected together with our design plans.

You will receive step by step advice and follow ups which ensures that you are a part of the design process and have your say in designing your new project.

When your project requires input from other professionals, we have established links with engineers, surveyors, building certifiers, town planners and more.

You will benefit from the quality input of professionals, providing your project is an extension, a new house, units or commercial or retail building.

We will ensure that your design process is well informed, convenient, and economical and produces the results you need.

For more information on how GAP Designers Pty Ltd. can help you in the creation of your next building or retail project, contact us or give us a call to organise an appointment.


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